Are you ready to take on the Kleinrivier Mountain Trail Challenge?

Get ready for a pure mountain trail running adventure in the remote and beautiful Kleinrivier Wilderness Area.

If you want to be immersed in pristine wilderness, while being challenged with big, lung busting climbs and heart stopping vertical descents along awesome single track trails, then come and join us for a spectacular mountain trail running adventure!

Sharing 2 borders with the Groendal Wilderness Area, the Kleinrivier Wilderness Area is situated just 30km outside of Uitenhage in the remote Winterhoek Mountains.

With more than 95% of the route on single track trail, this course promises to test even the toughest of trail runners, with climbs that will make your heart pump, and descents that will push your adrenaline levels into the stratosphere! 

30km & 40km MTC runners will also get a chance to bag the peak of Strydomskop.

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General Race Information & Rules

This is an extreme mountain trail event, and entrants must prepare to be physically and mentally challenged.

Entrants must be 18 years or older on race day.

Pre-entries are online only and close at midnight on Wednesday 12 June 2024. There will be NO LATE ENTRIES taken on the day.

Please Note: Due to the nature of the trails on the mountain, entries are LIMITED to 300 runners in total!

Like the Facebook page here for regular updates: KleinrivierMTC Facebook Page

Medical assistance will be available but any medical conditions must be completed on the entry forms. Any emergency helicopter evacuation or hospitalisation transport required during the race will be for the participants own cost.

This is a green race so no litter will be tolerated. Please discard any wrappers/papers/fruit peels at the Stone Mountain Checkpoint.

You must carry your own cup – no cups will be provided at the checkpoint.

The route is through a private wilderness area and there will be sweepers on each race ensuring everyone gets through the course.

The course will be marked, and GPS route files will be provided. 40km runners must have the route pre-loaded onto their watches or an alternative navigation unit.

Runners must stick to the trail and complete the course - no deviation from the course is allowed. If you leave the route for any reason, you must return to the place that you left it before continuing.

No refunds, but substitutions are allowed up to three days before the event (for a substitution fee of R100)

Any enquiries can be made to Sheena on 072 293 4974

Alternatively you can contact us via email on

Event Itinerary

This event will be held over 3 days. 

More than 95% of the course is on single track mountain trail, so a prologue seeding race and batch starting program will be used to manage the main races.

Day 1 - Saturday 15th June

10:00 - 16:00 Race Registration & Kit Check

Race registration will take place from 10am in the morning, giving you time to arrive and register, pass your kit check and get ready for the prologue race.

15:00 - 16:00 - Prologue Races

15:00 - 20km Prologue Start

15:30 - 30km Prologue Start

16:00 - 40km Prologue Start

The prologue races are used to seed runners into starting groups for the main events.

Each prologue race is a single mass start race over a short 4.5km course, with the seeding based on the final overall individual times.

The top 8 men and the top 8 women in each distance will then start first as a single group on the main races, with the rest of the field leaving in groups of 4 every 30 seconds afterwards.

18:00 - 18:30 - Race Briefing

This will take place in the Soetdorings campsite area and is mandatory for all runners to attend.

Day 2 - Sunday 16th June

06:00 - 40km MTC Start

07:00 - 30km MTC Start

08:00 - 20km MTC Start

11:00 - 30km CutOff - Stone Mountain Checkpoint

Any 30km runners that haven’t reached this point by 11:00 will be short-coursed onto the 20km route.

12:00 - 40km CutOff - Stone Mountain Checkpoint

Any 40km runners that haven’t reached this point by 12:00 will be short-coursed onto the 20km route.

16:00 - Final Race Cutoff - 20km

17:00 - Final Race Cutoff - 30km

18:00 - Final Race Cutoff - 40km

Any runners that don’t complete the official course will be marked as DNC - Did Not Complete.

Any runners that haven’t finished by the relevant race cutoff will be listed as MFC - Missed Final Cutoff in the final results.

Day 3 - Monday 17th June

10:00 Prize giving

Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 men & women in each race.

20km MTC Race Overview

The 20km route follows the 2 Gorges hiking trail up the Kleinrivier gorge, through Drieling kloof, and along the ridgeline of Chases kloof until you reach the Stone Mountain Checkpoint at about half way.

You then descend down into the Palmiet river gorge until Kaalgat, where you will face a challenging climb out of the Palmiet river gorge back over to the Kleinrivier gorge, which you’ll then follow back to the finish.

Distance: ~20km
Elevation gain: ~1100m+
Allocated time: 8hrs
Waterpoints: 1 (Stone Mountain Checkpoint) 

30km MTC Race Overview

The 30km route follows the 2 Gorges hiking trail up to the Stone Mountain Checkpoint, and then turns out to run along the Dwarsberg ridgeline towards Strydomskop.

The route runs around the peak and then back to Stone Mountain before rejoining the 2 Gorges trail back towards the finish.

Distance: ~30km
Elevation gain: ~1750m+
Allocated time: 10hrs
Waterpoints: 2 (Stone Mountain Checkpoint twice) 

40km MTC Race Overview

The 40km route first follows the Nieshout trail before joining the the 2 Gorges hiking trail. Runners will then tackle the Tierhout trail climb out of the gorge, and then continue through the Kantiesrivier trail before rejoining the 2 Gorges trail up to the Stone Mountain Checkpoint. The route then turns out to run along the Dwarsberg ridgeline towards Strydomskop.

The route runs around the peak and then back to Stone Mountain before rejoining the 2 Gorges trail back towards the finish.

Distance: ~40km
Elevation gain: ~2250m+
Allocated time: 12hrs
Waterpoints: 3 (Stone Mountain Checkpoint twice) 

Required Gear

As this is a mountain trail event, we have a list of required gear that all athletes will be required to carry.

You will be asked to present various items of this list at registration, and you will not be allowed to start if you are missing any of the items.




Buff/Beanie Yes
Waterproof jacket (taped seams & hood) Yes
Thermal base layer Yes
Space blanket Yes
Whistle Yes
Cup Yes
Hydration pack (min. 1.5l capacity) Yes
Fully charged cellphone Yes
Emergency food ration (200 calories) Yes
Headlamp & batteries (40km MTC only) Yes
Strapping Yes
Basic first aid kit Yes
Navigation unit with route pre-loaded (30km & 40km MTC only) Yes

Recommended Gear

The following items are highly recommended extras:



Sunscreen No
Cap / Hat No
Hiking Poles No
Sunglasses No

Accommodation Options

There are limited fixed accommodation options available at Kleinrivier, and these will be made available on a first come first served basis.

All Kleinrivier fixed accommodation options ar all self catering, and require a minimum 2 night stay.

To book Black Eagle or Dasssikrans options, please email Sheena on


Black Eagle Tented Camp

There are 4 tents available in the Black Eagle Tented Camp.

Black Eagle luxury tents sleep 2 people and each tent has its own en-suite bathroom.

Dassiekrans Self Catering Chalets

Dassie 1 (sleeps 3)

Dassie 2 (sleeps 2)

Dassie 3 (sleeps 2)

Dassie 4 (sleeps 4)

Camping Facilities

Camping areas are available.

You can choose from our provided tents that accommodate 2 people per tent, with mattresses. You must provide your own bedding. These are available for either 1 or 2 nights.

You can also camp with your own tent. Sites are for 2 people per site.

We will provide serviced shower and toilet facilities.

Camping spots can be booked online when you enter.

A communal area will be available to all runners to braai on Saturday night. Race briefing will be held here at 6pm on Saturday night. Fires will be provided.

Meals are your own responsibility.

Coffee, tea and rusks will be provided on race morning.

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Hear what previous runners have to say about this amazing event

Epic weekend of adventure and running some of the most spectacular trails out at Kleinrivier Mountain Trail Challenge. 

Thanks Live Adventure for an amazing event - absolutely loved it!

Rebecca Jordaan

Wow wow wow wow 😀

I am sooo going back after being super scared of this section 😍

I am hooked!

Kleinrivier Mountain Trail Challenge this was a incredible experience!

Jo-Mari Le Grange (talking about Tierhout trail)

What an absolutely stunning weekend at Kleinrivier Mountain Trail Challenge.

Thank you for another fabulous event!

Beth Hechter


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